3 Steps to Successful Change

In many ways it’s a wonder anyone manages to change at all. First of all we need to understand: what we should change, what we can change, […]

Day 19 : Sainsburys Asks Me to Go Away

Don’t get me wrong they were very polite about it, but nevertheless they made it clear they don’t want to discuss my 6 point action plan for […]

Day 2 : Tesco Is the First To Respond

24 hours after my email to all 5 Supermarkets a charming customer service agent, Lewis Black, called me up to chat about the packaging suggestions. He is […]

Day 1 : 5 Supermarkets & One Person

Day one of the the collaboration experiment, “How many people does it take to make change?” Emails went out to the top 5 UK supermarkets; Morrisons, Waitrose, […]

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Newspapers, television and the Internet news channels for the most part (with some notable exceptions) focus on disaster, terrorism, and corruption etc. Often it seems the positive […]