Mindfulness at Work

Improve Meeting Effectiveness, Communication and Decision Making with Mindfulness

The benefits of mindfulness have been well documented in recent years. Research has found that the practice brings many mental and physical benefits, including reducing stress and depression, increasing levels of empathy and alleviating anxiety, to name a few. However, mindfulness is not just useful for people, it can be great for the work place as well.

This 1/2 day course covers an introduction to mindfulness and mindful techniques to improve meeting effectiveness, communication and decision making.

The workshop covers

  • An introduction to mindfulness.
  • Mindfulness techniques for better meetings.
  • Mindfulness ways to better decision making.
  • Using “reset” pauses to manage conflict in the workplace.

Who would benefit

  • New teams
  • Teams looking for short team building event.
  • Companies that have a wellbeing culture.


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