Leadership Development

Management skills built for traditional hierarchies have their place but for today’s more connected and faster pace business world new skills are required. What’s more, a personalised approach to developing leadership skills that plays to the leader’s strengths is emerging. In some cases, leaders that struggled to emulate a generic “leadership style” defined in management text books, flourish when they develop their own style.

The Thriving Leader Programme is a personalised and bespoke programme designed to develop practical leadership skills that promote confidence, as well as deeper levels of collaboration, that are key to success in our ever more complex business environment.

How it Works

Step 1


The first phase consists of establishing detailed goals for the programme. Goals that include learning outcomes designed to support individuals to fill skills, knowledge and confidence gaps but also goals related to the organisations purpose and values. For example, skills gaps might include interview, planning or appraisal skills. In this case one measure of success would be the ability of a manager to successful recruit a new member of staff.

Organisational goals might include increasing the sharing of skills across different functions, increasing the number of innovations and improving the impact of the organisation inline with its mission.

Analysis – Mapping Needs and Potential

This phase also includes gathering data on what is working well currently in terms of management skills and practices. As well as work patterns, availability, and access to technology so that the programme fits effectively into the work of the organisation.

Delivery Options

The programme can be delivered in many different formats and timescales to fit in with the work of the organisation. Delivery options might include any combination of the following:

  • Workshops.
  • One to one or group coaching.
  • On-line sessions.
  • E-learning modules.
  • Practical learning challenges.
  • Train the “trainer” – this might include managers who would like to become “Training Managers” and so support on-going delivery of management training.
  • Learning circles and other practices that support a learning culture.

Metric Options

Metrics cover two distinct areas:

Learning outcomes – such as how well the programme has impacted the skills, knowledge and confidence of learners.

Business outcomes – These measures would include assessment of relevant business processes to achieve the organisations mission and express its values. For example, customer service metrics such as positive customer surveys or speed of resolution for any customer complaints.

Follow-up metrics to establish the sustainability of outcomes are taken at three, six and twelve month intervals.

Step 2


Programme Set-up – Questionnaires and pre-work to prime the learners for the programme. In this phase the learners will be provided with material which will help them identify how the workshop and follow-up actions will support their needs and goals. This might include 360 assessment tools, psychometrics and other assessment tools.

Modules & Workshops – The events themselves will cover all the learning material and “vital behaviours” skills training. A blended learning, action centered approach will be adopted where the managers will have the opportunity to participate in open discussions, undertake practice exercises and explore alternative approaches. This methodology will reinforce current strengths, stretch personal awareness and provide the mechanisms that ensure each manager leaves the workshop or module with an action plan and set of actions to translate their plan into activities that they and their staff are willing and able to undertake.

Step 3

Embedding Change

During this phase the participants will undertake follow-up activities that will support additional skills development. Embedding activities might include:

  • Use of company communication channels such as newsletters, notice boards, and intranets to share more success stories.
  • Invitation to join a network of managers to support each others success.
  • Follow-up group coaching.
  • Follow-up emails.
  • Celebration/graduation event (not included in this proposal)
  • “What have I learned” journalling and reflection.
  • Learning presentations for other teams and managers.
  • Learning coaching from their line managers.
  • “What am I doing better” conversations with staff.

Typical Modules

The modules included are tailored for the organisation and participants but might include the following:

Building your Personal Leadership Model – exploring key management skills and building on your strengths.

Motivation and Influence – techniques and practices for aligning motivations and purpose with organisational goals.

Strength Based Team Building – building effective teams – enhancing participation, good decision making, building trust and support.

Building Winning Processes – methodologies and practice challenges for creating “living processes.”

Strength Based Recruitment – skills, knowledge and confidence to recruit the right candidate in a values based company.

Strategic Planning – collaborative planning techniques for value and mission driven strategies.

– 5 strategies for creating innovative products, services and processes.

Communication, Managing Interfaces and Changing the world – covers creating collaborative communication styles.

Strength Based Coaching – beyond appraisals strength based coaching techniques support skills and personal development.

Team Coaching – supporting your team to do great work.

Wellbeing for Managers – how to develop personal wellbeing and support wellbeing in others.

Conflict Resolution – based on Rosenberg’s NVC this module enables participants to get beneath the surface of conflict and support new deeper levels of understanding.

Who would benefit?

Leaders who wish to foster more collaboration or work in an agile environment and enhance their personal brand by building on their strengths.

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What people are saying…

 I have really enjoyed the program and it was great working with Morya.I have definitely noticed improvements in the way  I interact with my team.  I am more flexible in letting them find their own solutions to problems and accepting that good enough is sometimes enough.  One of the other benefits improvements I have noticed is that I now really take the time to talk to other people in the kitchen and find out about them.  This has made me feel part of a bigger team and has made a difference to the way I feel on a daily basis.

Noelia Fernadez, HR Professional

The materials, which set out interesting research materials and theories in an easily accessible format flowed smoothly into the sessions, during which we’d discuss translating theory into practice. The experience has been very positive and I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the program.

Ruth Barnes, Research and Projects Manager Coram Children’s Legal Centre

I would highly recommend the Thriving Leader Programme, it has helped me gain a sense of calm when dealing with demanding and sensitive areas of management. This has added confidence to the way a carry my work out and the decisions I make. Morya is an excellent coach and naturally brings out the best in the people she works with. A surprise to me was how the programme has supported my time management by changing my mind set to focus on what I have achieved within a day rather than what I have not. I have really enjoyed the program and working with Morya has been an absolute pleasure.

Sharon Pienarosa, Manager, Harrow Carers

The Thriving Leader programme has been so helpful for me both personally and professionally. I have learnt valuable skills and feel so much more confident in my leader abilities, I would highly recommend the programme.

Jodie King, Charity Services Coordinator,Clear Sky Children’s Foundation

Morya gave coaching to Clear Sky’s Charity Service Coordinator, Jodie, to prepare her for taking on a management role for the charity. We wanted to make sure that we were not ‘line managing’ our staff as such, but more supporting and helping them to develop as practitioners. Through the Thriving Leader programme we saw Jodie increase in confidence as she developed her own leadership style, which fully supported the growth of our staff and the charity. The work she has done with Morya has been in depth, well thought through and leaves us with full confidence in Jodie’s abilities to drive her role forward. Where we have limited resources as a small charity, this programme has made a huge difference to our efficiency and Jodie’s ability to plan and be autonomous within her role. It was so wonderful to be able to work alongside Morya knowing that the end result has been so positive for the charity.
Thank you.

Sophia Giblin, CEO,Clear Sky Children’s Foundation