Thriving Programmes

Personal development

Thriving Coaching

Thriving workshops all include follow up coaching but for some people a more tailored approach makes more sense. Thriving coaching is a one to one 10 week program designed to promote well-being, playing to your strengths and reaching your highest potential.

Management Development

The Thriving Leader

A Thriving Leader: recognises the expertise in the team, nurtures excellence, removes obstacles to success, and embeds processes that support success, never avoids difficult conversations and understands how to create winning strategies and more. In short, a Thriving Leader knows how to thrive and how to support thriving in others.

This programme challenges managers to evaluate their current management skills, build new practices that support genuine success for them and their team. The program provides content around employee motivation, effective team work, wellbeing, strategic planning and influence. Over the 10 weeks managers will create their own “Ideal Leader Model” which builds on their strengths rather than adopting a one size fits all academic model.


Management Modules

Based on the management skills and practices in the Thriving Leader, this set of 1 or 2 day workshops are designed to create learning environments that include sharing and networking. This might be across businesses, with partners, customers or between departments.

Modules include:

Strategic Planning – I day workshop

Long terms planning is an essential skill for senior managers and leaders. This one day workshop covers: the art of tapping into the collective genius, reading the signs, creating successful plans and more.

Innovation – I day workshop

Innovation is not just for a talented few according to research by Goldenberg we can all innovate. In this one day workshop you will learn how the Goldenberg’s 5 templates can help you take your products, services and processes to a whole new level.

Steps to Success – I day workshop

How to create processes that build trust and success while still being human friendly. Creating processes can be difficult. So much so that some organizations avoid creating or managing them. However, many businesses struggle from a lack of process, leading to mistakes. While others have such inflexible processes that they are unresponsive to customers and market changes.

Personalised Leadership Models – I day workshop

Management theory that describes one-size-fits all models for leadership are becoming less and less relevant as the world of business becomes increasing volatile and uncertain. The most successful leaders understand their strengths and know how to use them. This 1 day workshop focuses on understanding your purpose, strengths and values and how they relate to your success as a leader.


High Performance Teams

The Thriving Team

This program turns co-workers into collaborators. Starting with understanding individual strengths, the program covers: clarifying roles, co-creating team processes that support good decision making and getting things done, team quality plans and creating an environment that fosters trust, openness, wellbeing and creativity. In each area the focus is on practical techniques and processes that convert to positive change in the workplace.
The three day workshop is full of information about teamwork pitfalls and how to avoid them, how to create safety and openness, as well as how to convert team values into specific behaviours. In addition, teams have the opportunity to define and practice their teamwork processes and collaboration skills.


Business Development

The Thriving Business

A thriving business has effective teams, productive employees, low employee turnover, and loses minimal days to work related stress. A thriving business has creative, engaged and highly productive employees. A thriving business can respond quickly to business opportunities and can do more with less. A thriving business is ready to come out of the world recession ahead of it’s competition. The Thriving Business Program is a bespoke program of coaching and workshops for managers and teams designed to move your business from surviving to thriving.


Organisational Transformation

The Thriving Employee

This programme is a wellbeing programme based on positive psychology. The workshop and follow up coaching is tailored for each organisations so the focus is not just on thriving but how to thrive in your company. Before the workshop and follow up coaching begins each delegate completes a “Thriving Index” questionnaire to establishing their current thriving level. All of the pre-work with the organisation and the employees means the workshop becomes a highly focused event capable of delivering real change.


Mindfulness at Work

This 1/2 day course covers an introduction to mindfulness as well as meditation style practices but focuses mainly on how to use mindfulness throughout the work day to improve wellbeing, focus, and working relationships.