Strategic Planning – Steps to Success – 1 day Workshop

Finding time for long term planning is essential to the role of a business owner or senior manager. Unfortunately, the day to day tasks of management often leave little time for planning, which creates stress, a disproportionate focus on short term goals and undermines business success.

In this first module of the strategic planning workshop, based on the module from the Thriving Leader Programme, you will learn the “steps to success” involved in creating a strategic plan.

This one day workshop covers:

  • Steps to creating your strategy. Includes: data gathering, analysis (PEST), internal context (skills, resources), risk assessment.
  • Map your thinking range preference.
  • Identify stakeholders from your organisation, customers and partners.
  • Zooming-in and Zooming-out thinking – exploring both the breadth of the idea or plan by zooming-out then zooming-in to the details of the plan means learning from mistakes is less expensive.
  • Implementation planning and measures of success.
  • How to read the signs and convert them into useful insights.

Who would benefit

CEO/owners or managers looking for a practical and participatory session to join or run in-house.

Small business owners ready to accelerate growth.

What you will take away from this 1 day workshop

  • Understanding of the strategic planning process.
  • A first draft of a strategic plan process for your business or department.
  • A support network of other leaders.

Call 07894 218048 or email to discuss in-house version of this module and discover if this is the right training for you and your organisation.