Leadership & Team Development Workshops

POSE offers a number of 1/2 day and 1 day Leadership Development Workshops based on the material from the Thriving Leader Programme. Below is a summary of some of the sessions that are available as open courses or in-house programmes. Open training sessions are available in south east England and other locations on request.



Building Great Processes – Steps to Success – 1 day Workshop

Good processes, whether they are for: recruitment, project management, customer service, work flows, induction or meetings, are the oil that keeps your department or business running smoothly. In this 1 day workshop you will explore how to create effective processes.

During the event you will:

  • Discover the 10 attributes of a great process.
  • Practice process design.
  • Identify the top 5 processes require for success.

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Strategic Planning 1 – Steps to Success – 1 day Workshop

Lack of strategic planning means short term fixes and reactive leadership are the order of the day. Both of which will create stress and undermine business success. In this one day workshop you will explore how to create effective long term plans and market strategies.

In this first module of the strategic planning workshop, based on the module from the Thriving Leader Programme, you will learn the “steps to success” involved in creating a strategic plan.

This one day workshop covers:

  • Steps to creating your strategy. Includes: data gathering, analysis (PEST), internal context (skills, resources), risk assessment.
  • Map your thinking range preference.
  • Identify stakeholders from your organisation, customers and partners.
  • Zooming-in and Zooming-out thinking – exploring both the breadth of the idea or plan, by zooming-out then zooming-in to the details of the plan, means learning from mistakes is less expensive.
  • Implementation planning and measures of success.
  • How to read the signs and convert them into useful insights.

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Strategic Planning 2 – Powered by Purpose – 1 day Workshop

In this second workshop on strategic planning you will discover how purpose and value can create powerful USP for your business. You will also learn how to collaborate with others to create great plans, build buy-in and run a strategic planning meeting.

In this 1 day event you will learn:

  • The role of mission, purpose and values in your business.
  • Running a collaborative strategic planning meeting.
  • Communicating your plan – building buy-in and enthusiasm.
  • Responsive plans – how to keep a plan “alive” and producing results.

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Personalised Leadership Models – 1 day workshop

Management theory that describes one-size-fits all models for leadership are becoming less and less relevant as the world of business becomes increasing volatile and uncertain. The most successful leaders understand their strengths and know how to use them.

In this 1 day workshop you will discover:

  • Your strengths and how to use them to create your own “Ideal Leader Model” and become an effective leader.
  • How your strengths support your role as a leader.
  • Building in self-awareness and development into your model.
  • Identifying gaps to fill and approaches to filling them.
  • Using your “Ideal Leader Model” to enhance your brand.

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Innovation – Steps to Success – 1 day Workshop

The need to innovate products, processes and services are greater than ever. Unfortunately inventiveness and creativity are often regarded as a talent that you either have or not. Many people think they are not creative and faced with a blank piece of paper they go blank themselves.

Fortunately, Jacob Goldenberg’s work has shown this is not the case and everyone can be inventive. In this 1 day workshop we will look at the processes, steps to success, of innovation.

The workshop will include:

  • Getting ready to innovate – mindsets and collaboration approaches.
  • Goldenberg’s 5 templates for innovation.
  • Using celebrating failure as a tool to foster innovation.

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Mindfulness at Work  – 1/2 day Workshop

This half day workshop covers an introduction to mindfulness as well as how to use mindfulness techniques to improve meetings, communication and conflict resolution.

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Create Your Own Workshop – 1 day Workshop

Workshops, short seminars and webinars are a great way to engage with staff or customers. Unfortunately, many small business owners and managers feel unprepared when it comes to using this powerful influencing technique.

This one day event will teach you how to run an engaging event which will support your goals, without power point overload or stress. Includes workshop design, presentation and facilitation skills.

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Strength Based Team Building – 1/2 day Workshop

Creating a great team that works well together, is effective, efficient and is a joy to work in takes time. Great teams are built not just on technical skills but on trust and appreciation.

While assessing skill gaps in a team can be useful, a powerful way to build teams is to spend some time focusing on the strengths and skills in the team. What does each person bring to the team, be it strengths, work skills or life skills?

Strength based team building events support teams as they share their strengths and skills. This half day workshop is a great primer for team planning, strategic planning or creating effective team processes.

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Who would benefit from these workshops?

Leaders in business, government or charities looking for a practical and participatory session to join or run in-house.

Call 07894 218048 or email to discover if these modules are the right training for you or your organisation.