Building Thriving Habits

for Life and Work

Our Mission

To Facilitate and Promote Building Habits for Success at Work and in Life.


What people are saying...

for the magnificent Thriving programme you ran for our management team. It was a real eye-opener and an immensely valuable use of our time. We all learned a lot and gained many new ideas for improving an already good team. You got the pitch just right and obviously picked up quickly on the needs and learning styles of team members. Truly remarkable talent.

Mike Coker
CEO Harrow Carers

I have really enjoyed the programme and it was great working with Morya. I have definitely noticed improvements in the way I interact with my team.  I am more flexible in letting them find their own solutions to problems and accepting that good enough is sometimes enough.  One of the other improvements I have noticed, is that I now really take the time to talk to other people in the kitchen and find out about them.  This has made me feel part of a bigger team and has made a difference to the way I feel on a daily basis.

Noelia Fernadez
HR Professional

If you want it to, this course will change your life and the way you live your life in the most positive manner way you could imagine. If only I knew this 20 years ago.

Graham Carter
Manager, Royal Mail


Short Coaching provides programme design, delivery and coaching individually or in circles.


Thriving Coaching

Thriving coaching provides tools and techniques for individuals to develop an expanded vision of their strengths, purpose and personal wellbeing factors. It provides everything you need to reach your goals and design the life you want.

Thriving Teams

This programme turns co-workers into collaborators. Starting with understanding individual strengths, the programme covers: clarifying roles, co-creating team processes that support good decision making and getting things done, team quality plans and creating an environment that fosters trust, openness, wellbeing and creativity.

Thriving Leaders

This programme challenges managers to evaluate their current skill and build new practices that support genuine success for them and their team. The programme provides content around employee motivation, effective team work, wellbeing, strategic planning and influence.


Short Coaching designs and delivers personal, leadership, team and organisational development programmes. Our aim is to support people and companies to thrive in a complex uncertain world. In short to thrive no matter what.


Meet the Team

Amanda Falkenberg

Amanda Falkenberg

Thriving Coach

Amanda has a vast array of experience and knowledge working in big corporations and small business. All of which she kindly shares, everything from coaching and programme design.

    Steve Short

    Steve Short

    All things technical

    Steve has over 30 years experience in software development and software architecture. He has worked in big corporations as well as startups and has several patents to his name. His list of skills are too numerous to fit on the page. He looks after our technical needs.

      Morya Short

      Morya Short

      Thriving Coach

      Morya has a passion for supporting managers and teams to move from surviving to thriving. She has over 20 years experience working in small business and corporations. She is the creator of the Thriving Programmes.

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