Image by Emmy from Pixabay

Sense Mosaic

Have you ever flipped through a set of digital photos or photo album with the photos all organised by time? Perhaps you have several albums starting from your childhood, through your teenage years, to adulthood and middle age? Many of us do. When we flip through these albums, we often notice our physical ups and downs and aging. Yet when we stop to reflect we might remember the feelings behind the image.

The Sense Mosaic project is designed to create a different type of organisation for our memories. Those taking part will organise memories into emotion instead of chronologically.

Ways to Take Part

  1. Sign-up to find out more about an interview based personal mosaic. Interviews will be scheduled online and at times that suit you. The number and length of interviews will be discussed and agreed with you at the first session.
  2. Sign-up to find out more about the digital tool to map your sense mosaic.
  3. Support the project this and other creative adventures at

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