Strength Based Team Building

Team building through Sharing Strengths, Work Skills, Life Skills

Creating a great team that works well together, is effective, efficient and is a joy to work in takes time. Great teams are built not just on technical skills but on trust and appreciation.

While assessing skill gaps in a team can be useful, a powerful way to build teams is to spend some time focusing on the strengths and skills in the team. What does each person bring to the team, be it strengths, work skills or life skills?

Strength based team building events support teams as they share their strengths and skills. This half day workshop is a great primer for team planning, strategic planning or creating effective team processes.

In this event the team will:

  • Share their passions, skills and strengths
  • Create a visual map of the teams skills and strengths
  • Develop new understandings about the breadth and depth of skills within the team.

Who would benefit from the workshop

  • New teams
  • Teams starting a new project
  • Teams beginning any planning process.

Call 07894 218048 or email to discuss in-house version of this workshop.

What people are saying…


This half-day session was fun, Morya was very engaging!

Lisa Payne, Finance Manager, Breast Cancer Care

A fantastically helpful session with great & insightful input from the facilitator – Many Thanks

Emily Kell, Tutor Relation Manager, TalentEd

Morya was lovely and really tailored to our needs.

Anood Al-Samerai, Director (Business Development), TalentEd

A really helpful session delivered in a friendly but productive manner.

Joe Kimmelman, Director (Programme & Operations), TalentEd