Image by Emmy from Pixabay

Sense Mosaic

Have you ever flipped through a set of digital photos or photo album with the photos all organised by time? Perhaps you have several albums starting from […]

Beyond Thriving

Over the last 10 years my coaching practice has focused on Thriving and supporting my clients to develop their own wellbeing strategies. While I am still a […]

The Re-invention Wave

Reading the business press it’s hard to miss articles that cover a growing movement towards creating new more humane ways of working. The shift in attitudes to […]

Thriving Habits

Cake can make you happy. There is no news there, but what if you could transform that momentary “cake happiness”  into lasting wellbeing. Framed in a specific […]

Free Live Webinars

Would you like to know more about the our programmes? Join one of our one hour free live webinars. You can find out more about the topic, […]

Is your mindset holding you back?

Even small changes require us to see ourselves differently. For example if you want to give up smoking it’s helpful to build an image of yourself as […]

3 Steps to Successful Change

In many ways it’s a wonder anyone manages to change at all. First of all we need to understand: what we should change, what we can change, […]