Looking for Volunteers – Leadership Pilot

In recent years ideas about what makes for good leadership has changed. Now terms such as “Conscious Leadership,” “Collaborative Leadership,”  “Transcendent Leadership” or “Participatory Leadership” are appearing more and more in management practice books and articles. Driven by volatile and uncertain times, this shift in style promises to make organizations more adaptive as well as unleash a wave of innovation and productivity.

Our Thriving Leader programme provides skills and techniques to explore how these new practices can be incorporated into an organisation. The programme is a bespoke, blended learning process that leverages the skills, knowledge and capabilities that already exist in the organisation. It is a personalised programme that ensures all participants can play to their strengths and contribute their best work.

If your organisation would like to explore new more collaborative styles of leadership then perhaps you would like to take part in a pilot programme. Contact us on 07894 218048 to discuss.