The Thriving Employee

In the last decade, research in positive psychology has discovered what it takes to build long-term happiness. In short, what it takes to go beyond just surviving to thriving.

The factors that influence thriving include: meaning, good relationships, positive emotions, mindset, mindfulness, accomplishment and flow. The good news for all of us is we can improve in these areas. The good news for employers is that thriving employees are less stressed, take less time off and are more creative.

The Thriving Employee Workshop, which is based on positive psychology research, focuses on exploring what it takes to thrive at work and more specifically how to thrive in your company.


During the workshop employees will learn:

  • About enhancing focus and creativity through mindfulness.
  • 3 mindfulness practices that will reduce stress.
  • How to benefit from adversity and increase resilience.
  • How to build good relationships.
  • To develop the skills and mindset that lead to success.
  • How to build more meaning into the working day.
  • to link corporate values and personal meaning.

Benefits for employees

  • Increased creativity
  • Better working relationships
  • Less stressed
  • Increase in life satisfaction

Benefits for Companies

  • Increased productivity
  • More engaged employees
  • Improved staff retention
  • Less work days lost to stress.

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