Virtue Based Identity : Approach

Phase 1: Create a Program for Developing Set of Virtues


1. Identify values to use for example purposes – for the purposes of the project a set of virtues will need to be chosen early on so that the project work is not too abstract. This is an example set as individuals may choose to develop their own set.
2. Identify supporting attributes/skills – in order to successfully identify with a set of values or put more simply living ones virtues, requires a base set of skills. For example an ability to be honest with oneself about how ones behaviour fits with stated values. These skills will be largely based on positive pychology research.
3. List individual and social goals for virtue based identity based on example virtue.
4. List measures for evaluating effectiveness of measures to meet individual and social goals.
5. Describe approach to creating your own set of virtues.

Phase 1 Deliverables

1. Document describing the list of virtues to be used in the project (“The code”).
2. Document describing attributes to support the effective use of the code.
3. Document describing how to create your own code.
4. Individual and social benefits list.
5. Questionnaire to evaluate benefits.
6. Self study guide for the code.
7. Workshop material.