Living Corporate Values : Approach

Phase 1 – Develop Program for Identifying Corporate Values for a Specific Company and Supporting Skills/Processes


1. Research typical set of corporate values. Are there other values that customers find more compelling in 2013?
2. Research how successful organisations have been implementing their values for example how are they operationalised within the executive team, employees. Similarly, how are they made visible to customers?
3. Research examples of failed corporate values. What values, how were they implemented, how did they fail?
4. Compare typical set of values for fortune 500 companies and B corporations. How much goodwill business do each receive?
5. Create program for partner corporations and implement a measurable action plan for using those values.
6. Create measurement tools for evaluating success of living corporate values based on stated goals and/or triple bottom line accounting.

Phase 1 Deliverables

1. Document detailing the findings from step 1 through 4.
2. Program material.
3. Measurement tool documentation.