The Question

POSE believes in mass collaboration. Sharing ideas makes for better ideas. Now that we have the technology we can collaborate on a massive scale. The kick-off question is:

How do we create a sustainable global economy?

Why POSE this? Firstly, because this question is a relatively small global issue. The key word here being “relatively”. Sure, it’s not small except in relation to world peace. Secondly, economics effects all of us in some way or other. Lastly, the economy is still reeling from a global economic crisis, is much more open to change and could benefit from some collaborative solutions.

The question focuses on a sustainable economy, that is one that has some immunity from the de-stabilising forces of energy prices and resource scarcity. This seemed a worthy goal but then again why think small? Why not move beyond just sustainable to thriving!

Ready to get involved?

The next version of the POSE website will include additional questions. Contact us now if you have a global question that can best be answered through mass collaboration.