Corporate Virtues, Thriving & Profit

At POSE we believe that there is a tangible business benefit to adopting practices that recognise people, the planet and profits. POSE focuses on supporting these practices not because it’s right (although it is that too) but because these changes make good business sense in the long run. Why? Because our resources are finite, employees in unsupportive environments are more stressed and if we don’t look after even one or two of our customers the rest of them will find out pretty quickly.

Each of us has access to massive amounts of information. If we want to know which companies are reputable we can find out in the time in takes to type their name into a search engine. Any company that is not in touch with what their customers want for themselves, their communities and the planet will have nowhere to hide.

It’s not just customers that will create challenges for organisations. The workforce is also now better informed. They are using new technology to build their own brand and marketing themselves as independents more and more. Keeping the brightest and the best will become increasingly difficult.

The pitfalls of doing buisness in the age of the internet are many but so are the opportunities to flourish. If your company is ready to explore the benefits of flourishing then here is how POSE can help:

1.Facilitating the development of your corporate mission and values.
2.Training your employees to thrive. Thriving employees are more productive, less stressed and more creative. See details of The Thriving Employee Workshop
3. Build a culture of thriving.
4.Celebrating your successes as you move to more sustainable business practices.

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