The Thriving Teenager

This set of events and coaching is specifically tailored for teenagers. During events, participants will discover the 7 elements that build sustainable happiness and how they apply to them.

Full of useful techniques, which research has shown have been positively correlated with happiness and well-being, this program will enable participants to reduce stress, increase focus, explore what makes life meaningful, develop expertise skills and much more.

It will also give participants the means to embed those changes into daily activities so that improvements can become permanent rather than short lived.

During the program participants will learn how to:

  • Increase the frequency of positive emotion.
  • Deepen experiences of positive emotions.
  • Use 3 strategies for turning adversity into benefits.
  • Manage their reactions to negative emotions.
  • Apply 3 practices for building good relationships.
  • Change mindset and limiting beliefs.
  • Build a more meaningful life.
  • De-stress and increase resilience using mindfulness.
  • Be success ready! Keep expertise skills sharp.
  • What the virtue 2.0 hypothesis is and how it can help choose subject options and consider the right career.

Each participant will receive a 30 day practice journal at the end of the event and coaching support. Participants have the option to take part in ongoing research into well-being if they wish.

If your school, college or organisation would like to host a “The Thriving Teenager” program contact us now for more information.