Happy Habits Workshop (1day Introduction)

Build Happier Habits

This 1 day workshop introduces 7 elements that build happiness and well-being, and shows you how to turn them into happier habits. Building happier habits takes time but it’s a great investment.

Full of useful techniques, which research has shown promote happiness and well-being, this workshop will enable you to reduce stress, increase focus, explore what makes life meaningful for you and more.

During the workshop you will discover how to:

  • increase the frequency of feel good moments in your life.
  • deepen your experience of positive emotions.
  • use 3 strategies for turning adversity to your advantage.
  • manage your reactions to negative emotions.
  • apply 3 practices for building good relationships.
  • change your mindset and limiting beliefs.
  • build a more meaningful life.
  • de-stress and increase resilience using mindfulness.
  • be success ready! Keeping your expertise skills sharp.
  • Use the virtues 2.0 model to build more meaning into your life

Each participant will receive a 30 day practice journal at the end of the event and a weekly coaching call for 30 days. Participants have the option to take part in on going research into well-being if they wish.

Who Would Benefit from this Workshop?

The material covered in this introductory event is helpful to anyone who wants to reduce stress, improve their relationships, build long term resilience, happier habits, and a greater sense of purpose.

What People are Saying

[quote author=”Alexandra Plaskota, Inspired Success ltd” ]

I highly recommend this workshop.

The trainer knows how to create a relaxed atmosphere and keep your interest throughout the day. I enjoyed the varied activities and the company of other attendees.

This workshop is a great reminder about what is really important in life. It shows the simple and direct way of including your chosen life values in the everyday routine. It gives you tools that help make your life flow and embed happiness in your mind, the same mind that rules your thoughts and actions. [/quote]

[quote author=”Julie Newberry, Business Owner Ah-hah Counselling and Training” ]

I found the workshop extremely beneficial

both in information provided and practical exercises undertaken. The trainer was approachable, encouraging and well versed in her subject.[/quote]

[quote author=”Abi Childs, at On Purpose” ]

Great workshop

as an introduction to positive psychology & happiness with some great practice tips for incorporating into daily life.[/quote]

Classes Forming Now

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Money Back Guarantee

This Workshop or Workshop Series is designed to improve your sense of well-being or life satisfaction. While it is not a quick fix method we do expect you to experience tangible results. If you complete this Workshop and follow up with the 30 day practice plan and still feel that you have not benefited, then you will receive a full refund. If you take the workshop series and do not complete the 30 days practice plan and but feel no benefit then you will be entitled to a refund minus a 10% administration fee.

Note: This workshop is not recommended for people who are currently experiencing mental health issues. While many of the techniques can be helpful for those recovering from such issues, it is not recommended to undertake this workshop in the midst of a crisis. Please consult your doctor if in doubt.

Cancellation Policy