The Thriving Employee – A Sticky Wellbeing Programme

The Cost of Disengagement

Measuring the costs of disengaged, stress or demotivated employees is difficult at the best of times. Most calculations focus on quantitative items, unfortunately there are many invisible costs:

  • Disengagement means creativity is low which means any increase in productivity from innovation will be lost.
  • Staff turnover is high. Your staff may not tell you the job is getting to them before they leave. At the exit interview they may tell you they have a great new job offer and that is why they are leaving. The question is why did they start looking for a new job?



The Costs of Work Related Stress are Massive

The latest report by HSE ( Health and Safety Executive) recorded 428,000 cases of work-related stress in the UK, an amazing 40% of the total number of days lost to ill-health. In each case an average of 24 days off were taken. In 2011/2012 work-related stress caused companies in Great Britain to lose 10.4 million working days based on the LFS data.

There are other statistics from the NHS, Mind, and the Office of National statistics. They slice the data differently but the overall picture remains the same. Many employees are experiencing work-related stress, depression or anxiety.

Overall, the picture is probably even bleaker in terms of productivity. After all, these numbers only reflect the people who have taken sick days off because of stress, depression or anxiety. It doesn’t include the productivity lost to the “duvet day,” those days when lack of engagement and feeling a little off-colour keep workers at home.

The cost of stress or lack of engagement can be measured in lost productivity but it doesn’t stop there. Even employees that are not stressed or disengaged can quickly find their work environment much less fun, if they are working with people who are stressed, disengaged or both. Which brings us to the next cost associated with stress and disengagement, the cost of replacing staff. Filling gaps in the work place is time consuming and expensive. The cost is dependant on the industry and the level of employee but there is always a significant cost.

Companies are Taking Action

What if companies could invest in their staff to reduce the risk of work-related stress and disengagement? Research in the relatively new discipline of positive psychology suggests there are things companies and individuals can do to reduce stress, build resilience and promote overall well-being.

The Thriving Employee is a workshop which converts the research findings into practical techniques for creating lasting positive change. This program reduces stress but also builds resilience. The benefits for companies is that not only does it reduce the days lost from work-related stress it improves creativity and engagement. With this programme you can expect not only thriving employees but a thriving company.

The programme is tailored for each organisation through a process of initial consultation, questionnaires and pilots. A key feature of this programme is making the results sticky. Knowledge without a plan and practice soon fades. This programme is designed to create lasting change.

 The Thriving Employee

A Wellbeing Programme Based on Positive Psychology

Programme Benefits

  • Stress reduction
  • Increased resilience
  • Increased wellbeing
  • Better relationships

Learning outcomes

  • Use the 7 elements of thriving to create a sustainable personal “Thriving Plan.”
  • Practice the “Thriving Plan” to create habits using the tools covered in the programme that support personal change and goal setting.
  • Align life purpose with work.

Who it would benefit

  • Employees with stressful work or work loads.
  • Teams
  • Companies committed to workplace wellbeing.


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