1 Day Happiness Retreats

The Elvetham - gothic victorian mansion set in 35 acres.

These 1 day Happiness Retreats are designed to give you time to stop and smell the roses as well as think about what happiness means for you.  Set in the beautiful surroundings of the Elvetham in Hartley Wintney, this series of three retreats, based on positive psychology, each covers specific aspects of happiness and wellbeing.

Based on the science of happiness each retreat, in this series of three, covers specific aspects of happiness and wellbeing.

Mindfulness & Feel Good Moments – 1 day Happiness Retreat

Mindfulness and dwelling on “feel good moments” are habits that foster wellbeing and lasting happiness. This retreat focuses on practical ways to create wellbeing and techniques to convert practices into habits.


  • An introduction to mindfulness – mindfulness is a powerful happiness tool. It is easy to learn and very relaxing to practice. In this retreat we will cover many routes to mindfulness from breathing techniques, movement and sound.
  • Appreciation practice – we all know how to be appreciative but did you know it can be good for you? Discover how to supercharge your appreciation.
  • Building your own “Thriving Plan” – discover the simple steps you can convert into habits that create more joy in your life.

Lunch included.

Mindfulness & Managing Adversity – 1 day Happiness Retreat

Even people who cultivate wellbeing in their lives can be pushed off balance by adversity. This one day retreat explores how to turn adversity to your advantage and mindfulness techniques that will help manage adversity.

This retreat covers:

  • Mindfulness – learn how it can help you navigate difficult times.
  • Antidotes to adversity – includes building positive relationships and understanding others motivations.
  • Recognising triggers which will help you manage adversity and side step trouble before it makes life difficult.

Mindfulness & Genuine Success – 1 day Happiness Retreat

A key aspect of happiness and success is understanding your life purpose. This retreat is designed to help you explore what this means for you and how you can discover your calling.
Explores the following aspects of purpose & wellbeing:

  • Your strengths, virtues and calling.
  • How to use mindfulness tools to explore your life purpose.

coffee, lunch & afternoon tea included.

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