IMPACT 2017 Leaders Circles


Would you like to have more impact at work? Do you want to accelerate your company’s growth? In a world that seems to be losing the plot on a regular basis, does it seem harder and harder to do good work or create a thriving business?

If you answered yes to any of the above you are not alone, but for you 2017 could be the year that all of that changes. In the next few months a number of people will be invited to join IMPACT 2017 – Leaders Circles.

Based on the Thriving Leader Programme, IMPACT 2017 – Leaders Circles extend leadership development to include collaborative & supportive learning across multiple businesses and sectors.  They provide a unique environment which blends learning and coaching to maximise development.


How it works

Each circle will be made up of 4 – 8  executives, managers and entrepreneurs matched on interests, experience and sector, who will embark on programme designed to develop leadership skills as well as the practical knowledge to deal with their greatest challenges.

Over the course of  the 10 week programme circle members will join a weekly one and a half hour group coaching call, as well as receive self-study material on core leadership skills such as strategic planning, innovation, employee engagement and other key practices.

To find out more join our live webinar on Friday, 20th Jan 2017 at 12:30 or apply below for a personal introduction to the course and coaching.



Apply to join an IMPACT 2017 Leaders Circle and discover how to create the business and life that you want. On application you will be contacted to discuss the programme as well as your preferences to ensure this is the right programme for you and to match you with the right circle.

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