Happiness Retreat – 1 Day

How often do we get the time to ponder the question “what makes you happy?”. If you are like most people the answer is never or close to never. This one day retreat aims to provide a beautiful and relaxing environment to take time out from everyday stresses and contemplate what truly makes you happy.

Not only will you have plenty of time to relax and unwind in the opulant surroundings of the Elvathem or stroll in the peaceful gardens, you will also have the opportunity to learn how to create lasting happiness. Based on the new science of happiness this retreat includes:

  • An introduction to mindfulness – mindfulness is a powerful happiness tool.It is easy to learn and very relaxing to practice.
  • Appreciation practice – We all know how to be appreciative but did you know it can be good for you? Discover how to supercharge your appreciation.
  • The Happiness Game – Discover the simple rules and win!
  • How to change the world with a packet of chocolate buttons…

Lunch and chocolate buttons included.
Spaces are limited so sign-up now to avoid dissapointment and get the early bird discount £120 £65 (if you book before 31st July,2014).

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