Thriving Coaching Certification Programme

Are you a life coach or executive coach? Are you looking for a new approach to coaching that will take your clients to new levels of success? Then a thriving Coaching Certification Programme could be the next step for you.


The Thriving Difference

Thriving coaching goes beyond standard “GROW” an FUEL models to provide life changing practices that are easy to do yet powerful. If you are an experienced coach or new to coaching this certification programme will help you to build a successful coaching practice and support your clients to reach their full potential.


Certification Programme

The certification programme is delivered in four phases over 6 months. Each phase requires successful completion of the previous phase, except for phase IV which is optional.


Certification Phases

Phase I – take part in circle or individual Thriving coaching.
Phase II – 10 week Thriving Coaching training and practice. (Invitation only)
Phase III – supervision – includes practice support and assessment.
Phase IV – business support – includes website, social media and brochure setup (optional).

Successful candidates at the end of the programme will have:

  • Certification diploma
  • Skills to use the Thriving progamme practices and approach.
  • Listing on Certified Thriving Coach website.
  • Annual updates of coaching material.

Call 07894 218048 for more details and to enroll.