Day 19 : Sainsburys Asks Me to Go Away

Don’t get me wrong they were very polite about it, but nevertheless they made it clear they don’t want to discuss my 6 point action plan for packaging reduction in fresh produce. They sent me off to their website to look at their 20×20 sustainability plan. I must say I am quite impressed, except for the massive time scales. We have known that we have finite resources for a really long time!

No one likes to be told to go away but maybe in this case it is justified. How can they evaluate ideas from every Tom, Dick and Morya that comes along? Seems like the first part of the POSE mass collaboration hypothesis has been born out, at least for Sainsburys, it takes more than one person!

The next question is how many people does it take? Register at POSE and check the “reducing packaging” check box if you want to help me find out.

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