Day 2 : Tesco Is the First To Respond

24 hours after my email to all 5 Supermarkets a charming customer service agent, Lewis Black, called me up to chat about the packaging suggestions. He is going to pass on the suggestions to the appropriate department. So I am sure I will have to follow up later. But still 10/10 for customer service for Tesco!

A bit later in the day I received a stock email from Waitrose, thanking me for my email and promising to pass on the comments. Sainsburys sent a more detailed email with a similar message but with additional information about Sainsburys commitment to reduce packaging.Here is a quote from them. “By 2020, we’ll make sure that our own packaging has been reduced by a half compared to 2005. Find out more about our commitment to reducing the amount of packaging we use by visiting our corporate site.”

I am hoping they can move a bit faster! Anyway again I have sent them a follow up email with a request for the contact details of the relevant party.

Asda, or rather the ASDA IT department, sent me a automated email response, which confirmed they received my request. Still no actual reply from them yet.

Most surprisingly, there has been no reply from Morrisons at all! Maybe there was a technical hitch. I am going to send out a new round of emails this week and see how it goes. As you can see not exactly a flurry of responses so far but still these things take time, right?

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